Acer Altos G540 Disk I/O Error

on April 24, 2013

This is shame story for me.

2 weeks ago our server had an error, when i turn on the server there is message in monitor “Disk I/O Error”.
The first thing that came up to my mind that it’s must be related to harddisk, which i hove not, because the importance of the data.

I look at the harddisk, there is 2, it must be configured with Raid 0, so i pull out one of then and turn on server again, but the error still happen.

I called my friend, he said maybe the problem is in I/O Controller. I don’t have other server to test, so i brought it to Acer Service Center.

They need 2 weeks to check the problem, because my unit serial number not registered to they system, so they have to find it.

And today i have call from Acer technician, and he told me that my unit is done and the problem is really simple, there is floppydisk in my floopydrive that prevent my system to startup, because of damage floppydisk. The startup first check boot floppydrive, cdrom and then harddisk in sequence. When they remove the floppydisk the problem is gone.

It’s so simple, and i don’t know it. very shame of me 🙂



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